Worldwide EFT has now become one the most sort after tools available for releasing negative emotions surrounding traumatic events.  This is why EFT has now become a major tool helping individuals who continue to suffer greatly due to negative childhood experiences.

EFT has been used successfully to help individuals overcome PTS (post traumatic stress) from child abuse, child sexual abuse, and a wide range of childhood traumas.

A Look at Child Abuse

I can remember back to my early 20’s hearing other adults mentioning that Child Abuse is on the rise and that it wasn’t like this when we were growing up.  However I believe this is not true, these days we hear more about Child Abuse because we are no longer willing to just sweep it under the carpet.

Child Abuse may be categorized into a couple of different forms: child sexual & physical abuse, and mental abuse. Yet for a child there is no distinction as child abuse is child abuse and all forms of abuse have the potential to set up long lasting emotional problems that can stay with an individual the whole of their adult life.

Today EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique is almost one of the only tools currently available that is helping individuals overcome and let go of the trauma of child abuse..

Previously the only way you could get help was to see a psychologist; seeking out someone with the skills to help you let go of the past by talking and reliving the events over and over..  Yet today we know that in most cases this doesn’t seem to be working as sitting down and talking about these events does nothing to resolve these negative emotions.

The problem is that in many cases sitting down with a psychologist reliving these events over and over can reinforce your negative emotions and amplify the emotional pain associated with the memory of the event.  Yes it is true that occasionally individuals are able to resolve their pain by talking, yet far to often even after 5, 10 or 20 years of professional help suffers continue to live with the emotional pain from the abuse they suffered.

A Look at Childhood Trauma

Some of the traumatic events we experience as a child may not seem that traumatic as an adult.  In fact there are many experiences as children that would not even get a second glance if we experienced them as an adult.

However as children we are not able to process the information in the same way as adults, thus to some extent as children we are sponges sucking in everything around us without any filters that allow us to see the whole picture.  This is why many teenagers and adults continue on through life with intense emotional discomfort around certain insignificant events.

On the other hand there are also many other events that children experience that are obviously more traumatic.  Some of these events may include the death of loved ones, being involved in traumatic events such as motor vehicle accidents, parent separation and a whole host of other experiences.

Childhood events that cause any type of emotional discomfort can lead to significant changes in individuals as they grow into adults.

We need to remember that most of our current fears and worries stem from our childhood, thus from my perspective it is totally irrelevant what our childhood experience was or how it might appear to someone else. If you have any negative emotion surrounding ANYTHING no matter how big or small that experience may appear to you, if you can remember that moment in time and bring up strong negative emotions around that incident then IT WILL usually be effecting you now.  I can almost bet that these events are effecting you in some way today, they may be having small impacts or big impacts in your thinking, how you react to events and your emotions themselves.