Letting Go Of AbuseFrom an EFT perspective (and my own experience) there is no difference in the way I help someone overcome the emotional discomfort from childhood traumas verse the emotional discomfort from child abuse. The way to release and let go of these negative emotions is by tapping, and in most cases you can usually let go of all your negative emotions in a short period of time, as apposed to spending the rest of your life surrounded with and being controlled by these negative emotions.

Occasionally I have heard people remark that child sexual abuse is far more traumatic then an event labeled as a childhood trauma.  But that’s like saying that losing an arm is far more traumatic then losing a leg.

I wont get involved in this line of thinking as to me the way you help someone release the pain of childhood trauma and or child abuse is the same, thus to me each is just as traumatic as the other.

Using EFT to help release the pain from Abuse

I have seen many clients that have successfully been able to release the trauma from sexual abuse and who have also gone on to let go of other events of childhood trauma completely unrelated to the child abuse. To them they were both significant and on an emotional level they were both just as emotionally charged.

Why have I attempted to highlight this issue?  My main reason is to let you know that regardless of who you see whether you see me or another EFT Practitioner you will find the same thinking, no matter what the trauma is we deal with it the same way as there is no specific type of trauma or abuse that is any more important than the other (from an EFT perspective, in what we do to help you release).

In the end what is important is that you get release; “because in the end nothing else really matters”


Peaceful GirlNote: ....

Above I mentioned: “you can usually let go of all your negative emotions in a short period of time”.

When I say this I am not suggesting it will occur in 10 or 15 minutes, or even one session, sometimes there are many other negative emotions that require addressing, and this means that it could involve x number of sessions..

Its impossible to know if one, two or three sessions will be enough.  This is simply because we as humans are all different, and we all come with our own set of negative emotions and negative experiences.  Thus its always impossible to know how quickly you will let go and how quickly you will find relief…. I have seen individuals release the trauma of child abuse in one session, and others have taken several sessions over a longer period of time.. 

But what I do know is this; would you rather spend the time now no matter how many sessions it takes, or would you rather live with this pain for another 10, 20, 30 or more years..

Don’t give up on yourself…